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 We repair all types of water damaged mobile phones. This is a specialist service that A.A.C.S has extensive experience in dealing with as we also provide this service to other mobile phone repair shops.

The main type of damage is caused by the salts contained in many liquids. These salts are corrosive and will eventually damage your phone if not cleaned correctly. So by drying out your phone will not fix it, this would be a considered a short term fix and the corrosive residue remaining with eventually damage your mobile phone.

Most phones will have a colour change indicator and once water has entered the phone this will change colour and normally invalidate the manufacturers warranty.

We bring dead phones back to life!

 With years of working experience, our technicians have honed their skills to become very good at bringing dead phones back to life. 

Water damage is the biggest killer of Mobile Phones. Once a phone gets wet, it is incredibly difficult to reverse the damage. Our technicians will do their best to fix your phone and at least recover your data if possible.

 Our technicians will provide you with a free estimate.

 All parts used are 100% original from the manufacturer.

 All personal data is kept secured and totally PRIVATE

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