iPhone 5C Repairs
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Screen replacement

Dropped, smashed or cracked your iPhone 5c Screen? we will fit a brand new screen to your phone.      $ 50
​Same Day Repair. No Queue No Extra Charge.

Power Button

Cannot turn your 5c onto sleep/wake mode or power button failing to turn the iPhone 5c off?         Free Quote
This repair will replace your power button.


iPhone 5c Battery only lasting a short time compared to when it was new?                                    Free Quote  You will need a iPhone 5c battery replacement. 

Dock Connector

iPhone 5c cannot connect to a charger or dock correctly?                                                               Free Quote  Or having problems syncing your iPhone 5c to your PC or Mac? 
Replacing the dock will resolve any issues with the charging pins.


Can’t hear who is calling you?                                                                                                                     
You will be able to hear them again if you have the iPhone 5c earpiece replaced.                          Free Quote

Home Button

Home button failing to click or just not responding at all?                                                                Free Quote  Replacing this button will resolve this frustrating issue.

Water Damage

Had water been spill on your iPhone 5c or been caught out in the rain?                                        Free Quote


Other caller cannot hear you properly if you are on a call?                                                            Free Quote    You will need your microphone replaced.

Front Camera

Broken camera on your iPhone 5c ?                                                                                               Free Quote    Get back to taking photos again by having your camera replaced. Back to Facetime in no time!

Rear Camera
If you have a damaged or faulty rear camera then we can replace this for you.                            Free Quote                                      
Other fault/problem - Diagnosis

No idea what the problem is with your iPhone 5c ? 
One of our dedicated technicians will diagnose the fault 
the day it arrives and email you with a Free Quote. 
Please write a full description of the issues you are having in the notes section 
or your quote will be delayed. Please Click Below.