iPhone 4/4S Repairs
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Screen replacement

Dropped, smashed or cracked your iPhone 4/4S Screen? we will fit a brand new screen to your phone. $ 40

Rear Glass

Shattered rear glass we can replace it and have it looking as good as new in no time.                             $10

Power Button

Cannot turn your 4/4s onto sleep/wake mode or power button failing to turn the iPhone 4/4S off?            $ 30
This repair will replace your power button.


iPhone 4/4S Battery only lasting a short time compared to when it was new?                                            $ 40
You will need a 4/4S battery replacement. 

Front Screen + Rear Cover

Broken the front screen and rear glass on your iPhone 4/4s?                                                                     $ 45

Dock Connector

iPhone 4/4S cannot connect to a charger or dock correctly?                                                                      $ 40
Or having problems syncing your iPhone 4/4s to your PC or Mac? 
Replacing the dock will resolve any issues with the charging pins.


Can’t hear who is calling you?                                                                                                                     $ 25
You will be able to hear them again if you have the 4/4S earpiece replaced.

Home Button

Home button failing to click or just not responding at all?                                                                            $ 25
Replacing this button will resolve this frustrating issue.

Water Damage

Had water been spilt on your iPhone 4/4s or been caught out in the rain?                                      Free Quote


Other caller cannot hear you properly if you are on a call?                                                                         $ 40
You will need your microphone replaced.

Front Camera

Broken camera on your 4/4s?                                                                                                                      $ 40
Get back to taking photos again by having your camera replaced. Back to Facetime in no time!

Rear Camera
If you have a damaged or faulty rear camera then we can replace this for you.                                         $ 30

Other fault/problem - Diagnosis

No idea what the problem is with your 4/4s? 
One of our dedicated technicians will diagnose the fault 
the day it arrives and email you with a Free Quote. 
Please write a full description of the issues you are having in the notes section 
or your quote will be delayed. Please Click Below.